Bamboo Garden Fencing

25 Feb 2018 08:10

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Flag : miscategorized prohibited spam best of. Posted: 2013-07-22, 9:41PM PDT. Whether you want a permanent fence or need an area temporarily enclosed or blocked from view, it's not a problem with these panels. It can be expected to last upwards of twenty years as long as the panels are not placed on the ground. But like any natural product, over time bamboo does dry out and may begin to crack as it is exposed to the sun and the weather. With bamboo fence panels expect a great deal of variety and choice, from solid to woven designs in many sizes. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how cost effective bamboo fences can be. Comparable fences are far more expensive both for materials and installation costs.You can use bamboo to improve the appearance of existing fence by using it as an accent. Rolled bamboo fencing can be used on an existing fence, or be easily made into a movable screen to hide certain areas from view. It's a simple matter of attaching sections of split bamboo or rolled bamboo fencing to the chain linking. If you look at your backyard as a place to relax without being disturbed, a bamboo privacy fence is a good option. A bamboo garden fence is great for keeping this area separate from the rest of your yard and inaccessible to pets and kids.There are also a growing number of independent fencing companies all eager to get your businesses knowing that when exposed to the elements wooden fencing will not last forever and will eventually need replacing. The wood used in Heavy duty vertical boarded fencing is of a much higher quality and usually pressure treated with a high quality preservative such as 'Tanatone' before assemble making the panel last longer, these high grade panels are also much thicker so don't rattle in the wind or blow out during storms.If you decide to use split bamboo fencing, your fence will be very striking in appearance. If there is a downside to this bamboo, it is that it doesn't stand up to climate conditions for nearly as long as a fence made out of regular solid bamboo. The split type of bamboo, on the other hand, comes from only the outer part of bamboo shoots. To keep the panels solid, heavy duty wire, often galvanized, is used along both top and bottom of each. Middle rows also have wire but this is usually some sort of rubber coated wire so the panels maintain a degree of flexibility when put on the frame.Bamboo fences also work great keeping unwanted visitors out of the vegetable garden. And if you use bamboo fence panels, which are pre-made in sections, installation becomes a breeze. Compare the cost of a bamboo fence to either a wooden or a plastic molded fence. And since bamboo will give you similar elements in terms of privacy and appearance, it is certainly the most inexpensive option. After treatment, bamboo is a very hard wood but it is also light and very tough. decorative-fencing-bamboo.jpg

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